About Carmie

Carmela Chiaramonte

Jaden Gems – Founder/Owner   Los Angeles, CA

Jewelery Consultant | Design Service | Repair | Hair jewelry|
Online Boutiques | DIY Online eCommerce merchant ~
Home Party Creator for jewelry boutiques

I’m amazed when I think back on what my life USED to be compared to what it is now. – Carmela Chiaramonte


Jaden Gems founder Carmela Chiaramonte has been designing jewelry since the age of 10. As a young girl, Carmela  had a unique opportunity to learn the art of Native American Jewelry at the side of her father in New Mexico on a Navajo reservation. The birth of her son Jaden coupled with Carmela’s fond memories of polishing turquoise by her father’s side inspired her to found Jaden Gems and devote herself to designing Jewelry.

Carmela is a first generation college student with an Associates of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Mount St Marys College in Los Angeles Carmela is a full-time college student taking classes on the weekend to finish her degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Work.  Carmela teaches teens jewelry making as a skill. In doing so, she empowers these teens to realize that they can always have an income as long as they continue to develop their skills (whatever their passion might be). In fact, her Jewelry Kit – Business in a Box takes that skill set to the next level.

 Are you excited about what you want to accomplish in 2013?

2 thoughts on “About Carmie

  1. Awesome Carmela I love how you have take that which seems to most not enough and been such a blessing what a mighty women of vision you are I pray that this will be returned unto you 30 60 `100 fold…

  2. carmela, your story is truly amazing and inspiring. you have a great spirit and the ability to inspire and mentor others with your wealth of knowledge. I look forward to going on the journey of with you to inspire and motivate.

    take care,


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